A New Way of Thinking!!!

Proactive vs. Reactive a case for Managed Services

Reactive One day you turn on your computer - all you get is the blue screen of death! You call In Home Computer Services, we come and check out your system, the news is grim. Your Hard Drive has failed! We can replace the hard drive or the whole system, but the fact remains all your data is gone - unrecoverable. What have you lost? The family tree, pictures or all of you customer files crippling your business.


Proactive In the world of Manage Services your system is monitored 24/7, for a low monthly fee. Add on Microsoft Office 365, Cloud back-ups of all your data.

With a monitored system when your hard drive starts to fail or you begin to experience other system issues your IHCS technician is alerted days, weeks, months before that the hard drive is failing averting catastrophe! Your customer information is safe, family photos and that family tree youve been working on for the last 10 years all safe and all backed up to the cloud.


Other perks of Managed Services

·         Fixed monthly fees!

·         Discounts on hourly labor rates and pre bought blocks of time.

·         System self-monitors

·         Tune-ups  in the background as you work

·         Updates happen automatically in the background


Basic Package


+ Security


+ Back-ups


While our packages are our primary services, we do offer specialized services.  Setting up networks, running cables, hard-ware solutions and cloud based storage, IHCS is your primary source for anything technology.  Contact us today and see how we can help with your technology needs.